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The logistics involved in arranging every aspect of an overseas dive trip can be quite complex. Our expert Dive Travel Consultants handle all the complexities of your booking with care, so you can relax. Without an experienced consultant, you are on your own.

Quality Control

We stand by the dive adventures we represent and can assure you that the dive trip you choose will represent the best quality for your money. We believe in quality over quantity, our dive adventure range is hand-picked. At GOSEA, we only represent dive resorts or dive charter operators who have proven to be experts with vast experience and a good track record. GOSEA staff regularly visit the destinations we offer in order to ensure our high standards are being met by tour operators.

Your Money Is Safe And Secure

Take the secure option and deal with GOSEAWe operate a dedicated client trust account. If you book and pay for a trip directly with a foreign overseas operator, you are risking your money reaching its destination. Avoid the uncertainty of sending your hard-earned money to an unknown foreign company. Is the risk worth it?

Always Innovating

Our spirit of pioneering and innovation provides significant motivation and underpins our hand-picked dive adventures.  We strive to support sustainable dive tourism and equitable outcomes for the local communities, the families and the expats who have earnt their place as the natural custodians of these very special places.

A Good Agent Is Value For Money

It is a popular misconception that bypassing the agent might achieve a cheaper deal. Not only is that not the case when all the factors are taken into account - many of the quality destinations we deal with prefer clients to book via an agent. That way, we take care of all travel logistics and administration to get you there, allowing them to concentrate on providing a great diving experience.



General Manager

After growing up on the Sunshine Coast and completing his studies, Ethan traveled the world working as a Seaplane Pilot, diving in six of the seven continents in the process! A keen diver, Ethan is a frothing adventurer who will do anything for an adrenaline rush! His favorite diving destination is the Maldives but he also enjoys the odd session out at the Lady Elliot Island where he learnt and grew up diving.



Clearly the “elder statesman” of the team, John may occasionally appear to experience mild bouts of dementia in his office life, but still froths like a grommet on dive trips when he gets to revel in pristine conditions. John has been around so long he actually knows things without googling them.



Photographer & Content Creator

Bianca or B as she is most commonly known, is our in-house Photographer and Content Creator. B has always had a deep love and passion for the ocean which perfectly aligns with her specialty in Water, Nature, Wildlife, Travel and Lifestyle Photography. This passion has led to B diving in many breathtaking locations all over the world! When B isn’t diving and taking photos, you will most likely find her surfing, traveling or just spending time in nature.


Maldives Operations Manager

We had been wanting to upgrade our already high profile in the Maldives, so when we met Mickey in the water, we considered it was karma that put us together. As a youngster fresh out of school, Mickey travelled abroad and obtained a First-Class Honours Degree in Tourism Management at UTI in Malaysia but shortly after graduating, realised that life was too short to spend behind a desk. He returned home and subsequently gained over 10 years of experience in the tourism industry to become one of the most experienced, informative and trusted guides in the Maldives. He is also a photographer, a videographer and a brilliant Manager. Mickey has a dedicated office in Male which now houses our permanent Maldives office. Mickey manages our guest relations and there is a good chance that he will be the first to greet you upon your arrival into the Maldives - unless he is working on one of our charters. If you want to rent some gear or need to store some baggage, wish to go for a Male city tour before a delayed flight or simply need “anything” - Mickey is there to help